What our clients say about our work

Dave McMoyler
Supervising Sound Editor

I have worked with Terri Douglas and The Loop Troop pretty much exclusively for the past eight years and she has never let me down. Her casting acumen, preparation and enthusiasm has made my job so much easier. In terms of casting sound-alikes, coordinating on-tape auditions, nailing special dialects and other unorthodox requests, she consistently goes above and beyond for me. Plus she is an absolute joy to work with.

If you give Terri a shot, you will not be disappointed.

Erik Kraber
Senior Audio Director, Medal of Honor, Danger Close Games/Electronic Arts

We have had the incredible privilege to work with Terri Douglas as our Casting Director for Danger Close games over the past 4 years and we will work with her again at every opportunity. Our last project was the largest in our franchise’s history, with over 80 actors, covering the range of voice acting, loop group, on-camera talent and motion capture/performance capture and Terri cast, book and occasionally direct the talent.

We made it tough for her – we required multiple talented actors covering 12 different languages for the projects, including hard-to-find languages such as Somali, Bosnian, Tagalog and Pashto. She came through on every one of them and gave us many options for each role. Ever time we weren’t completely satisfied with the talent choices, she would dig deeper and search wider until we were able to cast top talent in every one of our roles on our game.

To top off her incredible talent and tireless dedication is her amazingly warm and positive personality. She is a joy to work with and I look forward to many more productions with her in the future.

Erin Oakley
Supervising ADR Editor

I worked with Terri on The Muppets Movie for the first time and it was a pleasure. She was highly accommodating and easy to work with. Everything that was requested from her was amply researched and therefore the group talent was well casted.

Michael Lembeck
Director, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, Tooth Fairy, The Clique, The Santa Clause 2 & 3

I recently concluded working with Terri Douglas on my movie, The Santa Clause 2. The great thing about Terri is her great spirit and desire to execute great work. Her enthusiasm and the joy with which she attacks her work are such a pleasure. When I needed her to bring me great voice-over artists to audition for my reindeer, I was stunned to find an embarrassment of riches in the quality of the professionals she brought me. This was the who’s who of the voice-over world. And they all really responded to Terri’s prep before they ever got to me. The kids she brought me to do all the ADR work for my elves, were consummate professionals. And again, every kid was patient, respectful, and worked beautifully with Terri. She aims to please the director, but never hesitated to tell me if she thought there was a more productive was to accomplish something during the many days of our work sessions. I grew to really trust her. Her adult looping group was a blast. Not only were they skilled loopers, as I expected, they were a wonderful, spirited group of solid actors, learned their jobs quickly, and a very, very funny group as well. Our days were very short as a result of the excellence of these fine artists. So that’s it. Whatever it is I do next, my next movie, TV, or commercials, I will from this point forward, only work with Terri and her group. I have worked with countless loopers, and groups, and voice-over artists, and I just really responded to Terri and her group.

Robert L. Sephton
Supervising Sound Editor

This letter is to state that Terri Douglas and her LOOP TROOP were very professional and excellent in every aspect of the job. From proper recruitment casting for the style and texture of the picture, to kids, re-voice and reindeer voice casting. We were very happy with her on Santa Clause 2 and Dickie Roberts and will call upon her again. I recommended her highly and know you will get the job you needed and wanted.

Greg Brown
ADR/Dialog Supervisor

Terri Douglas is a pleasure to work with. She always casts her groups to be as specific as possible for the film at hand. She is extremely well prepared on “group day” and we are able to work fast and have fun at the same time. I have worked with her many times in the past and look forward to working with her in the future.

Ralph J. Guggenheim

As the producer of Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie, I recently had the pleasure to work with Terri Douglas and her Loop Troop on ADR and miscellaneous dialog for our project. We were under a great deal of deadline pressure to produce a 70 minute computer animated feature in 11 months, so our post –production schedule was tight. Terri was an enormous help in casting, scheduling and coordinating the sessions we needed to complete all voice recording for the project. She provided us with great voice talents who could give us everything from the sounds of small children to excited bunnies and irritated penguins, whether they were full-on dialogue lines or vocalizations. Her actors always gave us more than we expected in characterization and humor. The results really plussed the final product.

I would look forward to the opportunity to work with Terri again on our next project.

Jeff Blitz
Director, Rocket Science

Just wanted to shoot you a quick and big thanks for doing such a fine job with your troop on Rocket Science. I’m very thankful that Dave McMoyler pointed us in your direction. You guys exceeded my expectations by a mile.

*Additional references available upon request*