Terri Douglas


Moving Sound Across the Stage!

Hello, I’m Terri Douglas, thank you for visiting my website. I have been running my loop group and voice casting since 1995 and have had the opportunity to work with some of the most creative and inspiring people in the industry to date.

Award winning Directors, Editors and Sound Teams depend on my voice casting skills for their Feature Films, Television shows and Interactive Games. I am entrusted to deliver an amazing loop group and a sound that will enrich the production tracks far beyond expectations.

From huge crowd scenes to intimate vignettes, spanning all time periods, themes, languages/accents and age ranges, I deliver an experienced loop group that has been selectively cast for each project. I direct ADR Sessions and video games, cast principal/incidental and voice matching talent along with on-camera talent for cinematics/mocap/Pcap for interactive games and cast trailers and announcers.

My background includes on-camera acting, singing (pop, opera, rock, country & jingles), songwriting and music recording, flute, piano, dance, model agent assistant, production coordinator, on-camera commercial casting and Entertainment Law Legal Assistant.

My passion for creating sound makes my career a joy and I welcome the opportunity to work with you moving sound across the stage!