Seminars with Terri Douglas

TERRI_DOUGLAS_headshot-webTerri Douglas is a top leader in the industry with 20 + years of experience, with hundreds of credits in ADR Voice Casting and Directing on some of the highest grossing films of all times such as STARWARS: THE LAST JEDI, ROGUE ONE, DOCTOR STRANGE, STARWARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, MOANA, FROZEN & WRECK IT RALPH. Take the special opportunity to meet and work with her on a real award winning ADR Stage in Los Angeles looping to picture. Learn the skills of looping in a group, the technical lingo, voice matching and other requirements for Live Action and Animated Feature Films. Intensive workshop, all participants will be directed, given feedback and will work on mic all day. Find out what she requires from her top loopers and how to compete in the ADR world!

Upcoming Seminars

You do not have to be SAG to take the seminars.

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ADULT LOOPING SEMINAR  – Beginning/Intermediate Level
18+ years old (No experience necessary)
If the Seminar is SOLD OUT, please email us for backup list and/or be notified for the next seminar.

This Seminar does not guarantee employment or auditions, for instructional purposes only

Future seminars in the works!  Please check back with us for dates and other information.

Coming Soon:

  • Children’s Looping Seminar 6-17 years old
  • Adult “Extreme Advanced Technique” Looping Seminar

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A group of our great kids having fun at the Childrens Looping Seminar!